Gigli Wire Saw 30CM, 40CM, 50CM, 60CM, 70CM AI-MA-6

Pro Stainless Steel Gigli Wire Saw

  • Available in 30CM, 40CM, 50CM, 60CM, 70CM.
  • Unique cutting efficiency.
  • Fine teeth gives exceptionally narrow cut.
  • Superior Cut quality.
  • Twisted wire for high reliability and strength.
  • Smooth joint between loop and cut.



A Gigli Wire Saw is a flexible saw and its used by Surgeons for bone cutting.

It is used mainly for amputation. Where the bones have to be smoothly cut at the level of amputation.

Orthopedic surgeries are tricky. You need the right tools to get the job done.
The Gigli wire is an essential tool for orthopedic procedures. Due to its convenience and effectiveness. Whether it’s inside the body or outside, this wire is perfect for both application purposes.

ADAN INSTRUMENTS Gigli wire saw are made up of a twisted stainless steel wire. Which you can use to cut bones and hard tissues during orthopedic surgery.

Our Unique production system gives our saws:

  • A unique cutting efficiency
  • Fine teeth gives exceptionally narrow cut
  • Superior Cut quality
  • Twisted wire for high reliability and strength
  • Smooth joint between loop and cut
  • Gives doctors the essential tools to make orthopedic procedures less complicated
  • Save time & effort while maintaining the quality of surgery
  • For Medical Professionals

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ADAN INSTRUMENTS Company was established as manufacturer cum exporter of medical goods. You can find a vast range of
Diagnostic Instruments
Surgical Instruments
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Production: –
We have the most capable and technical staff available for the manufacturing of mentioned products.
We are very confident because trained and skilled labor is also a part of our company.

Production Capacity:-
All the products that we supply are of high quality and competitive prices.
We can manufacture 3000 pieces of the said products in a month. But we can also make custom orders to satisfy customer requirements.

Our company has a philosophy of providing high quality products at the most competitive price.

Quality Control: –
Our strong quality programs ensure that quality of our products.

Warranty: –
We offers 5 YEARS warranty on our PREMIUM LINE instruments.
And ONE FULL YEAR warranty on our VALUE LINE instruments.