About us
  • ADAN INSTRUMENTS Company was established as manufacturer cum exporter of medical goods including a vast range of

    Diagnostic Instruments
    Surgical Instruments
    Dental Instruments
    Gynecology Instruments
    Veterinary Instruments
    Beauty Instruments
    under one roof; since that day ADAN INSTRUMENTS is engaged in serving the medical industry worldwide by providing paramount quality, cost effective prices and unsurpassed services as a main tools of business. We have strong internal controls which make us proficient, technologically developed with most latest and advanced standards requires to meet challenges at international community and obviously that is the main thing because we are contributing to world’s health.

  • Production Capacity:-
    On average basis, we can supply 3000 above said products in a month but we can also cater the customer requirements and increase production capacity as per their demand.

  • Production: –
    all above products are being manufactured in our facility under one roof. We have the most capable and technical staff available for the manufacturing of mentioned products. Trained and skilled labor is also a part of our company. We are equipped with the plastic molding injections machines; Spark rosin machines, auto lath machines etc.

  • Prices:-
    ADAN INSTRUMENTS is a company that has a philosophy of providing high quality products at the most competitive price.

  • Quality Control: –

       A rigid quality programs, ensure that quality of all products are always of the highest quality. We are certified by CE and ISO 9002

  • Warranty: –

       We feel confident in offering 5 YEARS warranty on our PREMIUM LINE instruments and ONE FULL YEAR warranty on our VALUE LINE instruments.